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We are here to help your business grow, so it is important to use any method available to get your business out there and into the minds of your potential clients. Think about how much time you spend online. In business its all about “location, location, location”. Well where is your website when it comes to the digital real estate?

When you have a business, you better put yourself in the areas that your customers are looking.

If your customers are on Yelp, then get your business listed on Yelp. If your customers look for your business on Google, then get your business on Google. The same thing applies to Yahoo and Bing. You only guarantee to get your business seen where your clients are able to find your business. If anything, at least get it listed. It is better than not being listed at all. You are sure to have you business in the run to become one of the numbers to ring when they need your trade or service.

If you want to have a real online presence, be sure to at least dominate one or two areas of the market. You do not need to be the top of your business in 20 different social media platforms. If anything, be special in one or two. This is because you will be able to keep yourself from going crazy by navigating through 20 different social media platforms.

Social Media platforms and online presence only help. You can have a phenomenal word of mouth service, which his impressive. You have been doing your business for twenty years, and you have a list of dedicated clients that are so eager to do business with you. They refer all their friends to you, and you just have a mountain of new clients to serve. It is a nice life to live by having mountains on top of mountains of referrals. However, you would want to have more clients as opposed to fewer clients. You would rather have many, many clients to say “No” to than to have so few clients that you will say “Yes” to anything. Many people say they want so many more clients, and actually stop after they reach their “peak number of clients”. They say “I cannot handle any more clients. Word of mouth works for me.” The thing is that they are thinking selfishly, only of their own situation when they should be working on building upon it, and being able to expand when there is more opportunity.

The same people that say “I have too much business, so I can rely on word of mouth” are that same people that say “I need more business” when a drought hits, because all their clientele does not need the service every single week. All of sudden, web marketing becomes more important.

What is SEO?

Basically, SEO is the process where the traffic to a certain website is being improved through increasing the visibility of that site in search engine results.

For search engine optimization to be improved, websites enhance their content to ensure that the pages are properly indexed and that only unique content has been used.

Going through the process of search engine optimization usually leads to increased site traffic since the site will then appear higher in the search result for the information pertaining to what the site has to offer.

If you are an owner of a business in Detroit, Grand Rapids, Ann Arbor and surrounding cities in Michigan, quality SEO services are vital to help your business grow, prosper and become successful.

For a long time now, search engine optimization is considered as an integral aspect of online marketing and advertising and most of the big businesses have now incorporated this to their marketing strategy with the purpose of becoming well known in their business and more in demand among their target customers.

Having your business website appear on the top of Google, Yahoo and Bing in the map listings and organic listings is like moving into prime real estate in the Internet. Think about it, if you are a plastic surgeon in Dallas, and when someone googles “plastic surgeon Dallas”, and your website is not to be found on the 1st page of Google, you are just giving away potential customers to your competitors. SEO is what will get your website to this location so that your customers can find you. You could potentially be losing hundreds of thousands dollars in revenue by not being on the top 3 – 4 spots of the 1st page of Google for your relevant key search terms.

Whether you are a dentist or tree removal service or lawyer, we help all small and medium size business to crush the competition. We rank your web properties on the top page in Google and Yahoo and generate 10x traffic so you can crush the competition!

RightKey Solutions is the top Detroit SEO company in the state. Our company specializes in Social Media Marketing (SMM) and Reputation Management. Search Engine Optimization also known as Internet Marketing is absolutely essential for businesses to get more visibility in Google and other search engines.
We have over a decade’s experience with digital marketing, reputation management, and social media service.

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